Meet us every Wednesday at 6pm at 510 King Street!


We educate ourselves on Manitoba Child Welfare to become fearless and share that knowledge with our community.


Weekly Meetings

We meet weekly at sharing and learning circles. The topics and guests vary based on the community's needs. We welcome all parents in the R2W and beyond as well as community helpers to build system literacy and share resources. We also eat together. Our meetings are confidential and no photos of families will be taken or shared without consent.


Online Resources

We use our online resources and social media pages to educate the public about our activities and ideas.

Check out our Ask Mary Anything Youtube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wordpress!



“Ask Mary Anything” is a weekly opportunity to have the community's questions answered by Mary - our “Super Granny” Burton and the rest of the Fearless Team. You can submit your questions through our AMA form and watch for your answers on our youtube channel.



As more members of the community learn about the work of Fearless R2W, we are often asked to come and present our work. If you have an interest in public speaking, there is a standard Fearless R2W Presentation you can practice delivering. We also invite helpers with Fearless R2W to attend meetings out in the community, to meet with organizations, CFS or government officials to discuss our recommendations.


Pamphlets & Zines

We are developing a comprehensive pamphlet to introduce ourselves to parents in the neighbourhood as well as a Zine with Parents rights and different resources for parents.

The Fearless Zine is an easy to make, easy to reproduce, easy to understand summary of our work and our recommendations.


Fearless Boxes

Placed in local community spaces where parents gather, these boxes serve 2 main purposes a) gather anonymous questions for AMA/Learning Circles and b) Lets parents know where and when we meet.


CFS Jeopardy

An interactive and educational activity that builds system literacy based on the fun TV show Jeopardy with Alex Trebek. With headings such as Manitoba Statistics, International Law and History of Fearless R2W, this game will make difficult information accessible to both parents and community helpers.


Hoops Game

This interactive activity can educate participants about the experiences of parents in the R2W as they navigate the Manitoba child welfare system. It can provide perspective to those who don’t realize the demands and administrative requirements that the system places on parents.