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Manitoba Legislation


We study the legislation on child welfare at our weekly Learning Circles to build our system literacy and to find out children's, parent's and grandparent's rights. Knowing the legislation means that we know the laws that social workers are held to so we know what we need to do to bring children home.

The Child and Family Services Act

Includes: Declaration of Principles, Office of the Children's Advocate (Part 1)

The Child and Family Services Authorities Act

Includes: Break down of the 4 Authorities in Manitoba

- Northern

- Southern

- Metis

- General

The Adoption Act

Includes: "Best interest of the child" descriptors

The Divorce Act

Grandparent's rights are outlined in the divorce act.

Grandparents' Rights

More grandparent's rights are found in the CFS Act. The act that applies, depends on if the parents are divorced.

Community Resources


When families need different kinds of support then we can offer, we use our networks with other organizations to make sure we find different options that fit those needs. Here are a few links to some of the other places working on child welfare and supporting families in Manitoba.